Specials on Saturday

There are always to special pizzas every week. A vegetarian special and a meat special. We see what is delicious, fresh and in season. With our great experience we come up with great combinations. The specials are put up every Saturday morning depending what ingredients are fresh & in season.

Saturday Pizzas


Ballymaloe Cookery School

4th March 2017

All Day Breakfast Pizza: Pepperoni, Rocket, Egg & Parmesan

€ 12

Meat Special: Ham, Gouda & Maple Syrup

€ 12

Veg Special: Wild Garlic, Gruyere Cheese, Thyme & Home Made Aioli on Crust

€ 12


€ 10

Classic Pepperoni

€ 12

Garlic Bread

€ 6

Garlic Bread & Cheese

€ 7 

Organic Salad

€ 3